Molecular tests for environmental pathogens

Molecular diagnostics techniques can be applied to the detection of potential harmful biological agents present in the environment.

These pathogens may be present in a variety of sample types including:

•  Fresh water (Cryptosporidium, indicator organisms such as E. coli)
•  Sea water (Harmful algal species, aquatic parasites)
•  Air (Biothreat and bioterror agents)
•  Soil (Agricultural parasites)

Maximum allowable levels of biological contamination of these sample types are defined in legislation.

Molecular methods provide the fastest, most reliable method to detect these indicator organisms in a sample while the unparalleled sensitivity of these methods enable appropriate preventative action to be put in place before a public health threat emerges.

Molecular methods have been applied to the detection of pathogens relevant to all of the above sample types. Scientists at Advanced Molecular Systems have developed assays for several environmental pathogens including Crypotsporidium, Giardia, E. coli, Dinophysis species and, Legionella.

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