Press Release: New Test for Cancer Patients from AMS

24 November 2014

Advanced Molecular Systems, a Galway based life sciences company, has developed a new test which could help in identifying rare mutations in cancer patients. Patients with a group of rare disorders of the bone marrow (myeloproliferative neoplasms) that cause an increase in the number of blood cells, could benefit from knowing the mutation associated with their condition.


The new test has the potential to be used in clinical laboratories to provide patients with a molecular profile of their disease and to help doctors monitor a patient’s response to therapy and bone marrow transplantation.

The work was undertaken in conjunction with Prof. Terry Smith at the Molecular Diagnostics Research Group at NUI Galway and Prof. Michael O’Dwyer and Dr. Janusz Krawczyk at The Department of Haematology at Galway University Hospital.

Chief Scientific Officer at AMS Dr. Louise O’Connor said the company’s aim in developing the test was to provide patients and clinicians with information that could ultimately help in management of the disease. The work was carried out by Thomas Keaney who is a researcher at Advanced Molecular Systems.


AMS scientists Thomas Keaney and Louise O’Connor who developed the test.



Further information:

Dr. Barry Glynn COO  Advanced Molecular Systems


Phone: 086 866 5513


 About Advanced Molecular Systems

Advanced Molecular Systems a Galway based life sciences company which launched in November 2012, is the first company of its kind in Ireland to provide a centralised resource for molecular diagnostic test research and development.


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