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As the molecular diagnostics market grows, more companies are engaging in developing molecular diagnostic products. The start-up investment required for diagnostic test development can be significant and often prohibitive to companies entering the market. AMS offers a solution to this by providing a customised molecular test design and development service for companies looking to outsource their molecular R&D activities.

Outsourcing the initial R&D phase means that companies can significantly reduce costs associated with developing tests for the molecular diagnostics market.

AMS offers a bespoke, high quality, cost effective design and development service driven by an experienced team of scientists who have designed and delivered tests to global leaders in the field. We guarantee a unique test design for each customer ensuring that the benefit of their investment will not be exploited by AMS or any other company.

The experienced team of scientists at AMS develop tailor-made tests for our customers specific application. Our core expertise lies in developing real-time PCR assays using various chemistries such as Taqman®, Molecular Beacons, Hyb-Probes, Sybr Green®. We have also developed tests using isothermal technologies such as NASBA and LAMP.

We also offer consultancy services on all aspects of molecular assay design.

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