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The process of working with AMS

Molecular Assay Design and Development Process

Freedom to Operate Analysis

Allows Advanced Molecular Systems and customer to establish if test development can be done without infringing valid intellectual property rights of competitors.

Assay Design and Development

Based on analysis of AMS generated and publicly available sequences for target genes of interest, assay components are designed and evaluated.
The optimal components and conditions which result in an assay with the characteristics required by the customer are chosen and the assay is performance tested with regard to specificity, limit of detection and clinical sample testing.
The optimisation of any assay requires inclusion of an internal control. We can advise on design of suitable controls and develop appropriate assays for inclusion in the final format.

Final Outputs

Details of completed feasibility phase assays.
Technical information which can be utilised by the customer in their     design history file.
A report detailing the experimental work and results generated.
All raw data relating to the experimental work.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property developed as a result of work between Advanced Molecular Systems and our customers is the property of the customer. Advanced Molecular Systems will not communicate details of the relationship or work to any Third Party. Contracts reflecting the nature of the engagement and outlining the work to be undertaken can be put in place prior to commencement of the work.

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