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Working with Advanced Molecular Systems

Advanced Molecular Systems provides Business 2 Business services in the area of molecular diagnostic test design and R&D.

Outsourcing molecular test development offers advantages to clients, enabling significant cost savings in commercialisation of molecular tests. We offer flexible customer-focused, results-oriented services. Our experienced team deliver superior quality molecular diagnostic tests on schedule. We also offer access to proprietary nucleic acid targets for diagnostic assay R&D.

Key capabilities include:

  Experienced management team to design, run and deliver your project
  Strong technical research team
  Dedicated molecular diagnostics assay development facility
  Close association with National University of Ireland Galway for access to further facilities as needed

AMS scientists have previously worked on assay development with several of the leading providers in this space including Roche, Beckman Coulter and several others. Products developed during these collaborations are already on the market.

download BeckmanCoulter 1161350v1v1

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